segunda-feira, janeiro 03, 2005

You think you have everyone fooled. You want us to
think you love everyone and everything in the
music industry, but we know the truth. Your
inner-elitist is screaming to get out, but you
are too afraid to let anyone see it. You go
about your life listening to many different
types of music, but leave your real opinions to
yourself to keep the peace. Yet, surely you are
behind the scenes patting yourself on the back
for not being a snob like the rest of us. Only
Donny and Marie would be proud. Go get a spine,
my friend!
Some important artists for you might be: oh, who
are we kidding, you love everybody, right?!

What type of musical elitist are you?
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1 comentário:

Mi, de Camila disse...

Não resisti, namorado! Eu vim aqui, mais ainda nom li nada, só bisoiei as coisas... Era mó besteira esse lance de ficar sem ler vc, eu adooooro!!!

:******* E adoro você tb!