sexta-feira, fevereiro 14, 2003


You care about your girl, and need someone who's
going to keep up with you! You love to have fun
and would take a long walk over dinner any day.
Be careful though, even the most tomboyish of
girls have feelings, I should know. Don't get
so caught up in fun and games that you can't
see when she needs you. Make sure you're there
for her when she's down, or she may leave you.

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Esse de cima eu já sabia que ia dar algo do tipo. Já o de baixo, bem, eu realmente não ligo pra várias coisas, e justamente por isso eu não me comporto exatamente da maneira descritas abaixo. Aliás, eu não sou nada parecido com o que está descrito. Afinal de contas, quem é a autoridade em em Punk? E quem disse que eu quero ser um?

you dont give a DAMN wat people think! you
probably have a weird pink mowhawk or liberty
spikes or something like that. the only good
and worthy music out there is underground or
the hard ass headbanger punk shit! *I AGREE*
everyday you roll out of bed in the morning
throw on whatevers there and head off to
another dreary day at the jewish death camp...
er i mean school. the only part you like about
it is your history class where you can get more
veiws and opinions on why the and all forms of
government suck... you may be anarchist or may
not be. YOu spend your time jumping off
buildings, running thru the streets naked, and
getting all that on tape. Your either straight
edge or totally pott head cuz you dont care! GO

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